Author guidelines

Manuscripts sent to the editor of Matapena: Jurnal Keilmuan Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pengajarannya is a script that has not been published in print or other journals. The manuscript is written in English. The editors have the right to edit the manuscript without prejudice to the content of the manuscript. The content of the manuscript is entirely the responsibility of the author. Editors are not obligated to return rejected manuscripts. 

The manuscript is written in two columns and typed one and a half spaces with A4 size paper, unless the abstract writing is typed one space. Article maximum 20 pages. Typing the script using Times New Roman 12 font and margin 4 (left) 3 (right), 3 (above), and 3 (bottom). The manuscript is written in the following system.

  1. The title is written briefly, solidly and clearly on the subject matter of the subject.
  2. The author's name is written complete without a degree, accompanied by a place of work, and an email address.
  3. Abstracts are written in two languages, namely Indonesian and English. Maximum abstracts are typed 250 words with one space. Abstract writing includes three sections or three paragraphs. The first paragraph describes the purpose of the study. The second paragraph describes the research method. The last paragraph describes the research results. Keywords are written three words under the abstract.
  4. Introduction is written without subheadings covering: background, purpose, theory, and relevant research.
  5. The research method is an explanation of the method used in the study.
  6. Results and Discussion are the core of the research results. This section includes descriptions of data and analysis of research results and interpretation of the authors of the results and research analysis. The results of the research analysis were compared with the relevant research to find out the sustainability of the research. The discussion is done in depth using theoretical reference.
  7. The conclusion contains a brief statement of the researcher based on the research findings.
  8. Reference or reference writing is written in the form of in note with the format (author's last name, year number: page number). References refer to the following format.
  9.  Author. Year. Book title. Place of publication: publisher. (Book).
  10. Author. Year. Journal Article Title. Journal Name Volume Number Year and Year Edition. (Journal).
  11. Author. Year.Title.  Thesis / Dissertation at a college institution. (Thesis / Dissertation).
  12. Author. Year. Title Papers. Paper presented at the seminar. Organizer, place, date. (Seminar Paper).
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